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            Shakespeare, in Romeo and Juliet wrote, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet….” While Shakespeare may have a point that a name does not denote the quality or character of that thing, a name is important in conveying important information to another in a quick fashion. This is why intellectual property is an increasingly valuable asset in this day and age.

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Three weeks ago, Kelly Taylor of Gulport, MS attempted to print a few pictures at her local Walgreens featuring quotes from the Bible and “an artist’s graphic design featuring images of the sky, clouds, and stars.”1   Taylor was shut down by Walgreens staff, citing that her attempted order may be in violation of copyright, so it could not be processed.2

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Whether you loved the 2012 smash “Starships,” absolutely loathed it, found yourself singing or dancing to it at the bar, or wanted it to die with the rest of modern pop music, the fact remains, Nicki Minaj’s hit set a Billboard record when it sat in the “Top 10” for twenty-one straight weeks after its release last year.1 But recently, the song has gotten even more attention – from Clive Tanaka (…who?), claiming to be the original author of the musical composition.2  Continue Reading »

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In late August the NFL and 4,500 former players avoided going to trial , by settling for $766. 1 Approximately $675 million from the total settlement will be used to set up a fund to compensate players who have suffered concussion related injuries, or their families; a maximum of $75 million for retired players’ medical exams, which could be used to diagnose future neurodegenerative disease; and $10 million devoted to research and education. 2 The rest of the settlement will be devoted to legal fees and the cost of administering funds to plaintiffs. The funds will be doled out over the next 20 years.[3.Engber.]

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Google Glass


Google Glass is the latest major innovation from the Internet giant. It has been getting buzz as possibly being the first “wearable computer” to really take off with the mainstream. However, this exciting innovation includes a feature that does not only pose a problem for the privacy-loving individual, it may have major implications for the entertainment industry and the ongoing fight against piracy.

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BY: Zach Holzberg

In April 2012 several amendments to the National Football League Players Association “NFLPA” Regulations Governing Contract Advisors were sent to agencies by the NFLPA.  Among these, in particular was the “runner rule” which essentially bans agencies from using people (typically high profile people) without appropriate credentials to recruit potential clients [1.Memorandum, http://www.scribd.com/doc/88972250/2012-Memo-to-Agents-Re-Amendments-to-the-Regulations (visited May 25, 2013)]  Recently, the rule has come under scrutiny after the formation of Roc Nation Sports.  Roc Nation Sports is a “full-service sports management company” formed by Jay-Z and Creative Artists Agency, a talent agency based out of Los Angeles [2. Roc Nation Launches Roc Nation Sports + Signs New York Yankees All-Star Robinson Cano, http://rocnation.com/news/single/?id=4251]  Within months of its inception Roc Nation Sports has signed talents such as Robinson Cano, Victor Cruz, and more recently Geno Smith.

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Should patent rights be enforceable when the infringement is caused by the patented organism itself?

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In June of 2007, Mr. Tong Cheah attempted to register a trademark for the name and association of his food products: MACDIMSUM.  Cheah claimed he intended the mark to be used in association with Malaysian Asian and Chinese (MAC) food products.1 While people would not immediately know what this word was in reference to, many would believe it to have an association with McDonald’s due to its prefix “MAC”.  McDonald’s agreed and sought to quash this trademark application.

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  1. McDonald’s thrwarts MACDIMSUM trademark bid, world intellectual property review, http://www.worldipreview.com/news/mcdonald-s-thwarts-macdimsum-trademark-bid (July 22, 2013).


On March 19th, the Supreme Court expanded the reach of The First Sale Doctrine to include products manufactured outside of the United States in a 6 to 3 decision in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons Continue Reading »


According to the National Cancer Institute, in 2013, approximately 234,580 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed and 40,030 deaths will occur.1  In the midst of the staggering statistics, in April, The Supreme Court held arguments on whether genes (in this case, cancer causing genes) are patentable Continue Reading »

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