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The most publicized trial in American history, The People of the State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson, has resurfaced back into the media. If you haven’t been watching Fox’s American Crime Story “The People v. O.J. Simpson,” you need to start. “The People v. O.J. Simpson,” episode 6, entitled ‘Marcia, Marcia, Marcia,’ importantly highlights […]

Too often when the public looks at an issue, they are too readily able to see only the negative. In all kinds of issues, from gender inequality to the environment, we often are willing to jump at the negatives, and never sit back and acknowledge the positives. While this is understandable in light of what […]

The Sixth Circuit ruled on August 19, 2015 that decorative designs on cheerleading uniforms could be protected by copyright. This ruling seems unusual as clothing is generally a “useful item” that has typically been ineligible for copyright protection. The Sixth Circuit, though split 2-1, found that stripes, chevrons and other graphic elements on uniforms warranted […]

Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon has filed a class-action lawsuit against the daily fantasy sports website FanDuel. The complaint, filed this past Friday, October 30, 2015 in Federal Court in Maryland, accuses Fanduel of using Garcon’s name and likeness to promote their product without his permission.  Garcon wants to be compensated for the use […]

In 2008, Bernard Madoff (hereto “Madoff”) admitted that his Wall Street Firm, “Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC” was an elaborate Ponzi scheme that took money from various individuals and companies to further Madoff’s own financial gain. One of the participants in the Ponzi scheme was the New York Mets. Fred Wilpon, lost nearly $700 […]

The Future of Feta

In response to my previous post, I wanted to explore the history of Greece’s uphill, regulatory battle and the market for current brands exploiting Feta since countries outside the European Union are not bound by the European Commission’s regulation to change the name of cheeses designated as feta, but not produced in Greece. As early as […]

  A high school athlete’s greatest moment is when they have their Signing Day. It is a day where the athlete knows their hard work has paid off, and that they will continue their education while participating in a sport that they love. This athlete’s life, however, is about to change forever. As the athlete arrives […]

Weekly fantasy sports sites have experienced a meteoric rise and have now reached a milestone – the industry’s first scandal. The New York Times first broke the story about the scandal involving the two most predominate sites in the industry, FanDuel and DraftKings.  At issue is employees of the two sites using nonpublic information from […]

In less than one year, the 2016 Olympics will kick off in Rio de Janeiro and athletes from around the world will flock to the South American tourist spot to compete for the gold in their chosen competition. These athletes have spent countless hours training mentally and physically, preparing their bodies for the hardships and […]

‘Fast and Furious’ fans all over the world were shocked when film star Paul Walker (“Walker”) was tragically killed in November of 2013.  The leading actor of the ‘Fast and Furious’ film franchise suffered major burns and traumatic injuries after the Porsche he was riding in with a friend crashed and burst into flames. Pictures of […]

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