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The Future of Feta

In response to my previous post, I wanted to explore the history of Greece’s uphill, regulatory battle and the market for current brands exploiting Feta since countries outside the European Union are not bound by the European Commission’s regulation to change the name of cheeses designated as feta, but not produced in Greece. As early as […]

  A high school athlete’s greatest moment is when they have their Signing Day. It is a day where the athlete knows their hard work has paid off, and that they will continue their education while participating in a sport that they love. This athlete’s life, however, is about to change forever. As the athlete arrives […]

Weekly fantasy sports sites have experienced a meteoric rise and have now reached a milestone – the industry’s first scandal. The New York Times first broke the story about the scandal involving the two most predominate sites in the industry, FanDuel and DraftKings.  At issue is employees of the two sites using nonpublic information from […]

In less than one year, the 2016 Olympics will kick off in Rio de Janeiro and athletes from around the world will flock to the South American tourist spot to compete for the gold in their chosen competition. These athletes have spent countless hours training mentally and physically, preparing their bodies for the hardships and […]

‘Fast and Furious’ fans all over the world were shocked when film star Paul Walker (“Walker”) was tragically killed in November of 2013.  The leading actor of the ‘Fast and Furious’ film franchise suffered major burns and traumatic injuries after the Porsche he was riding in with a friend crashed and burst into flames. Pictures of […]

There is no debate as to whether Don-ld Trump is an Aerosmith fan, as he continually uses their song, “Dream On” at campaign events. Trump first received a cease and desist letter in August at an event in Mobile, Alabama. Despite receiving the letter, Trump continued to use the song and recently used it at a […]

When we think about air quality and the statutes meant to defend it, we usually think of protection for the environment. For example, most power plants and industries that burn fossil fuels emit (among other pollutants) sulfur dioxide, the key component in the creation of acid rain. This rain has the power to destroy forests […]

Relativity Media, LLC (“Relativity”), a California- based global media company is engaged in various aspects of the entertainment industry including the production of television and films, music, sports, digital media and fashion. Television shows such as MTV’s wildly popular Catfish, a program that tells the stories of couples whose “fishy” relationships begin online, and films such as […]

Last month, adidas filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Forever 21. Adidas has yet again filed another lawsuit, this time against Sketchers USA. Adidas claims the Sketchers has been producing knock-offs, including a sneaker similar to its classic Stan Smith. The lawsuit was filed in United States District Court in Portland, Oregon, where the Germany-based company’s American headquarters […]

Exposure is everything in Hollywood, however, being exposed is never a good thing. It now looks like Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. (Sony) is prepared to say sorry to some of its [former] employees whose personal information was compromised in the massive November 2014 data breach carried out by the North Korean hacker group, Guardians of […]

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